Building an email list is CRITICAL

you MUST be building an email list!

It is the ONLY thing in this highly intensive social media world that is an asset you can keep.

I know this is pretty obvious… but then again it often isn't… we get so many messages that social media is the way to go these days.

But even now, email gets 40x more sales than anything on Facebook!

I confess I was late to the list building game when I was running planet5D… years late. But that's ok.

Like a GPS, we don't beat ourselves up, we just say: “How can we reroute to get to where we want to be?”

How many businesses have you seen loose everything because they put all their eggs in one basket? I've seen plenty!

A change in a Facebook policy or algorithm can kill your business instantly!

Just look at how everyone was building Facebook pages… getting hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to “like” their page…

and then overnight Facebook changes the algorithm

poof! Business gone.

But if you're building your email list and monetizing it, nobody can take that away!

And, the industry standards say you will earn about $1 per email address per month if you nurture your list.

Of course, if you have any questions, please hit reply and we'll figure it out!

shoot for the moon!