About Thank You Page Magic.

Our Mission

Simple: change the entrepreneur's funnels to make more magic (and impact)

When you have the chance, you always want to have more impact.

You want to sell more, which means more people are served and you have the income to then serve more.

Circular really, but to have more impact, you have to have more leads, and that should lead to more sales (and more impact).

Our History

Starting as a softare developer and learning the craft of marketing thru running hundreds of campaigns

  • November 2008

    My internet career starts with the launch of planet5D - a photo/video gear news site. Sponsors pay the majority of my income for placement on the site which has become very popular in the niche.

  • August 2015

    I've begun running viral contests for sponsors for no charge... but I quickly learn the value of a 'lead' and begin my quest to know everything about running great contests

  • January 2018

    GiveawayRocket (and later ViralTrafficGuy) is launched to cement my placement as the Giveaway Expert. Eventually, I realize that there's so much more than just giveaways/contests to gain highly qualified leads

  • May 2021

    A lightbulb moment with my mentor Jennifer Trask creates and solidifies Thank You Page Magic as the brand going forward.
    Entrepreneurs resoundingly resonate with understanding the simplicity as they all have at least one 'thank you page' and understand how they're missing out on referral leads and traffic.

Meet Mitch Aunger - Chief Wizard

Entrepreneurs hire me to show them how gamifying their boring thank you page will skyrocket their list - which leads to more sales and helping more people with their magical gifts.

Mitch's journey has taken him from 32+ years as a software developer, to being a blogger, to growing into a full time teacher of what he calls Thank You Page Magic.

He's had over 7 years of learning the ins and outs of using the Thank You Page to add anywhere from 10% to 500% free highly targeted leads to every entrepreneur's most valuable asset - their email list.

He's the host of the weekly UpVIral Co-Pilot show where for the last 2 years, he's been dishing out viral nuggets for using UpViral in every part of an Entrepreneur's marketing.