How to find out what tools are used on a website

People often ask me, or I’m doing my own research and I find a particular campaign somewhere. And I want to know more about what the technology is that is creating this campaign or this page.

And many people don’t know how to go do this.

There’s a very simple tool called wappalizer.

And it’s it’s a Chrome extension, so you need to be inside of Chrome.

But if I click on this little icon that has the 13 (and that 13 is indicating that it’s analyzed the website and it’s figure it out how many different things or technologies are being used).

So anyway, so if I tap it, then I get to find out a whole bunch of information about this particular web page.

And there are links like, as I roll over this, they’ve got Google analytics turned on and they’ve got something called logrocket and other things.

But as I look through this, unfortunately, this particular tool that has built this particular widget isn’t shown.

Now, I figured out by looking at the rules, what tool it is, which is an important to this conversation,

but I wanted you to be able to figure this kind of stuff out on your own. It’s a free plugin. You don’t have to do anything special, but you do have to be using Chrome in order for you to use this particular plugin.

Now, if you want to find out more about it, go to, and then you can find this and you can fill out, find out how to install it.

There are paid options to do more, but I think most people could probably live with the free version. And it’s just a really cool little utility to help you see what other people are doing.

Beause it’s really good to be able to analyze what’s working for other people. All right. That’s the wappalizer plugin.

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