UpViral’s new 2 minute campaign build – is it for you?

Can you build an UpViral campaign in 2 minutes?

Just this past week, our friends at UpViral released a new very cool feature

UpViral's new 2 minute campaign build - is it for you?

UpViral's new 2 minute campaign build

And of course, we had a look at it in my Mover's Mastermind — but then I thought it was worth a deeper look.

Is it for me?

So before we go too deep into it, I'm sure you have one question… “Should I use it?”

And my answer is mixed.

Tho the concept is AWESOME and I am very encouraged UpViral's released it, I would only really recommend it for new UpViral users.

People who have been thru my courses or are in my new membership or mastermind likely already have a firm grasp at their campaigns and would benefit more from cloning an existing campaign or grabbing one of my templates than starting with this most basic of campaigns.

My overview:

There's indeed more to the feature, so I did a quick look at what it can do and what kinds of campaigns it can generate.

And my hope of course is that this is just the first iteration… that UpViral will expand the questions you're asked and add more to the resulting campaign from the initial questions.

But here's where we are with it today:

And if you are new, then it might be a great start for your first campaign.

Better start?

But are there currently better choices?

I think so!

First, UpViral has 10+ template campaigns for you to choose from.

But, those might also be confusing.

My Mover's Mastermind member AJ is always saying “a confused mind will not buy” (or take action)

So I have a free resource called “Which Which Campaign Template to Pick?” which is a spreadsheet with lots of info on each of their templates. That's free inside MitchMagic (on the MyStuff page)

And, there's a video series companion to that where I share a 4-10 minute video on EACH template.

You can grab that for a very very small price.

Even Better Start:

And if you want even more help to get started:

My “UpViral Quickstart” walks you thru the 2 page Thank You Page Magic concepts and maps those over to the UpViral application so you can see what each of the 3 major features of UpViral does and how to use it.

It is a must have for everyone just getting started.

Then comes the “Secrets to the UpViral Editor” that walks you thru all of the special features of the editor and what additional ideas you can do that you'd probably never thought of on your own.

For more advanced users:

There's of course my new Mitch Magic Membership, the Mover's Mastermind, and a variety of courses you can grab.

There's nothing better than the Mover's Mastermind tho – because you get hands on with me for every question and planning your campaigns 2 times a week.

So yes, I applaud the UpViral team for starting down the path of helping users start faster and I look forward to more as they grow.