Stop Saying Stupid Stuff Out Loud

I know this isn’t specifically about thank you pages… but damn, this is incredibly powerful.

Here’s that last statement he makes.
“What I do, not how I feel about my past, is going to determine my future.”

We all get so wrapped up in thinking about how we failed.

But what if we focused on how we act and to not say stupid stuff?

Just to set the stage, here’s the bio of Trevo Moawad from the video description:
“Trevor Moawad is the CEO of Limitless Minds who was named the “Sports World’s Best Brain Trainer” by Sports Illustrated. He went from growing up in Washington State and being a star athlete while in college, to working with eleven #1 NFL draft picks and becoming a renowned Mental Conditioning expert who’s advising some of the world’s most elite performers.”

Actually, if you want, here’s the whole interview.

Very powerful stuff:

Interesting stat quoted:
“If I watch 3 minutes of news, it increases the chance I’m going to say “I’m having a shitty day” by 27%!”