How to pre-fill UpViral form fields

I’ve often wondered How to pre-fill UpViral form fields… and I’ve finally figured it out. Sometimes I want to have a hidden field that has some data that I want stored in my autoresponder for example. Sometimes, I think I want to pass in someone’s email and name so the form is pre-populated (but i’m not using a one-click opt-in). … Read More

UpViral’s new 2 minute campaign build – is it for you?

Can you build an UpViral campaign in 2 minutes? Just this past week, our friends at UpViral released a new very cool feature And of course, we had a look at it in my Mover’s Mastermind — but then I thought it was worth a deeper look. Is it for me? So before we go too deep into it, I’m … Read More

Add confetti to engage your Thank You Page

I’m looking for ways to make my thank you pages a bit more fun for everyone involved. We want to be engaging and gamification is fun. You may have seen confetti when you visited pages here… I didn’t write the confetti code, but it is available for common use. Here’s a demo of the confetti on a thank you page … Read More

Be relentless with your emails… the income is worth it.

A politician raised $250 million via email after the election. This is NOT about politics. According to congress, the former president raised some $250 million AFTER the election. They also said his team sent as many as 25 emails a day asking for donations. He sent 25 emails a day! One TV commentator (on June 14th) said “I counted 17 … Read More

Stop Saying Stupid Stuff Out Loud

I know this isn’t specifically about thank you pages… but damn, this is incredibly powerful. Here’s that last statement he makes. “What I do, not how I feel about my past, is going to determine my future.” We all get so wrapped up in thinking about how we failed. But what if we focused on how we act and to … Read More

How to find out what tools are used on a website

People often ask me, or I’m doing my own research and I find a particular campaign somewhere. And I want to know more about what the technology is that is creating this campaign or this page. And many people don’t know how to go do this. There’s a very simple tool called wappalizer. And it’s it’s a Chrome extension, so … Read More

The beginning… for Thank You Page Magic, it is today

Today’s the launch of Thank You Page Magic moniker for me I’ve been known as giveawayRocket and still have giveawayRocket site, but as my mentor @Paul Pruitt has been preaching at me, I’m moving to a more universal nickname as the Thank You Page Magic guy. It is an evolution as they say… I’m learning and growing and changing. The … Read More